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You know you’ve met your soul-mate when they feel like home. When every love song you hear reminds you of them. When they’re the last thing you think about before you fall asleep, and the first thing when you wake up. When your body fits perfectly in the curve of theirs. When just the sound of their voice melts away all of your worries. When they are the most important thing in your entire world. When it causes you physical pain to think of them hurting in any way. When you spend hours just lying in bed enjoying the warmth of their skin against yours. When you both say the exact same thing at the same time on a regular basis. When they make you laugh harder than you thought was possible. When they look like a complete slob and you still think they’re beautiful. When you can’t imagine the future without them. When you smile like an idiot when they text you. When you know their flaws and still think that the sun shines out their ass. When you can talk to them for
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Springtime by sparklingrain Springtime :iconsparklingrain:sparklingrain 0 2 Christmas Remurges by sparklingrain Christmas Remurges :iconsparklingrain:sparklingrain 0 0
Flutter of your heartbeat
Close my eyes, hand pressed against your skin.
Time stands still, frozen by God's grace
I try to say how I feel, but this can't even begin
To describe the overwhelming love I hold in my heart.
Frozen in the moment when I have to turn away from you
Rips me apart to walk away, force my legs to move
From the magnet holding me here.
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You're Beautiful To Me by sparklingrain You're Beautiful To Me :iconsparklingrain:sparklingrain 0 0
My soul
There's no one here, no one to feed my empty soul,
Please remind me of why I endure the cold.
Left, empty and bleeding
Right, that's not me anymore.
Please heal my soul, can't take the pain
Can't figure out how to endure the strain.
Don't know why it hurts, just know that it does.
My soul, my empty soul, wanders alone.
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Just gotta keep smilin' by sparklingrain Just gotta keep smilin' :iconsparklingrain:sparklingrain 1 0
Lost in Myself
Been so long since I've been in this spot
Been lost in myself, lost in this world.
A swirling vortex of love and loss
Been so long since I've seen these memories
Been lost in myself, lost in this life
A confusing tsunami of heartbreak and romance
So many things I'd forgotten, and some I wish I still could
Coming to the surface after so many years
Time to embrace the loss of fears
My darling ones, now so far away
Been so long since I've wanted to stay.
Lost in myself for a great distance,
Welcome back to the dissonance.
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So Scared
Holding you close to me
Listen to your heartbeat
My lifeline, the link between you and I
Keep beating, my love, stay next to me
Never slip from my loving caress
Save me from all my distress.
Loving you deeper each day
Heart leaps for joy just from hearing your voice
Hold on to me, keep me warm
Shelter me from the infernal storm.
Never want to lose you
Stay next to me till the last of my days.
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The Voice
Drowning in fear
"Go ahead, cry, no one will hear"
Must silence the voice
"Go ahead, try, but you have no choice"
Gasping for air
"Scream, nobody's there"
Must stand on my own
"Come, you must reap what you've sown"
Who is it that tells me nobody cares?
Who is this waking nightmare?
This voice inside my head
Will haunt me until I'm dead.
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Someone save me
Grasping for some form of safety
Someone save me
Save me from myself
From these thoughts spinning in my head.
Reaching for some idea of sanity
Someone save me
Save me from him
From the love pulsing in my heart.
Crying for some feeling of sympathy
Someone save me
Save me from them
From the demons in my mind.
Someone please save me
I can't hold on much longer
Someone please rescue me
I used to be so much stronger.
Someone take me in their arms
Someone comfort me
Someone save me...
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No more tomorrow
Tears fall from these eyes of mine
My soul shatters as they fall.
It was my time to shine
Now I feel no love at all.
So dark and alone
In this empty chamber of my soul
For this crime, you cannot atone
No way to make me whole.
Anger flows through my blood
You broke our "one promise true"
Disappointment blossoms like a flower bud
How am I supposed to get over you?
You said you'd never leave me
Now here I am, standing in the rain.
How am I to break away and be free?
I guess I'll just have to deal with all the pain.
All I can do is hate you
So much sorrow
Go away, just let my tears flow
So much for a deeper tomorrow.
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Esten and I 2 by sparklingrain Esten and I 2 :iconsparklingrain:sparklingrain 1 24 Esten and I 1 by sparklingrain Esten and I 1 :iconsparklingrain:sparklingrain 3 15
Okay, i've been thinking and thinking (that's why i started this later than i was supposed to!)  and i don't get it.  i mean i understand the whole "rate your mood" thing but i don't understand it.  There is more to life than just 1 through 10.  10 being good, okay...understand this, but 1? 1 is bad, yes?  Well in being bad there is upset, angry, sad, multiple things after these as well as sub-moods to those.  And what about 5? What is that?  What rating would be indifferent? complacent? and what about really strong feelings?  What about melancholy?  Why should that be grouped with "upset" because we as humans are shallow enought to believe that we can put every single one of our emotions into a group of "1-10".  i don't know.  That just doesn't work for me.  i'm sorry.  i have a lot to say and i want to be heard.  i also like to li
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My Genesis
Visions soothe my weary mind
Constantly amazed by what I thought I'd never find.
I've finally reaped what I've patiently sown
A love that matches my own.
Throwing aside the shameful things of my past
Darling, the years will go by so fast.
Healing my hurt and healing my shame
It makes me whole to know you feel the same.
This is my awakening, the phoenix reborn
Replacing what was once broken and torn.
Sealing our fate with a tender kiss
You...are my genesis.
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United States
Always smiling, always laughing. Life may throw curveballs, and you may or may not catch them, but you shouldn't just give up. This is my philosophy. There is always good in this world, if you care enough to look for it.

Current Residence: Tulsa, OK
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Country, Soul
Favourite style of art: Impressionism
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Garfield, the Far Side
Personal Quote: Life is short, live it to the fullest
  • Listening to: Funkytown
  • Reading: You Don't Know Me
  • Watching: The Guild
  • Playing: FFVII
  • Eating: Cheez-Its
  • Drinking: >.> juice and poison
It has been two years since I was last here.  A lot has happened in my life since that time.  I've grown and matured and gone through some life experiences.  Coming back was difficult.  This place reminds me of a "better" time, old friends, old circumstances.  I can't say it doesn't break my heart to read some of the things on my page, but I can say that those things made me who I am today, and I have little, if anything, to regret.  Writing has always been an outlet for me, and I'm very happy to be coming back to it.  So hello, old friends, and may many more come!



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Your profile picture is super sexy!!! Just sayin...
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hahaha! thanks so much! that's pretty much the most recent pic of me <3 miss you!
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hi ^^
indigomists Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2008
Babe, I will be Channing Dale Stappert by the end of the year, and I am trying to contact some old friends, especially you. Please call me if you would like to be there, 918 -371-0517, call before 10 at night. I miss you and your hugs, peace!!!
indigomists Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2008
:hug:hey babe, its been awhile huh? well, I am back, and I apologize for my abscence. I moved from my dads to my friend J.D.'s house, and my dad took my cell phone. I basically lost contact with everyone, but now I am at my grandmothers so I can chat some more.
DarkLover66 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm doing alright. Been all over the place..kinda forgot what my own be feels like lol. Well I hope all is well with you.
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thank you so much for the fave, it really means a lot=]
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I don't mind at all, it's beautiful
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